My Top 5 Artists (Week Ending 2010-7-11)

  1. Hot Leg (63)
  2. Michael Jackson (27)
  3. Motley Crue (17)
  4. Michael Pfeiffer (17)
  5. The Bird and The Bee (15)

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Alright y’all, this is what ended up being the results of the party list from this epic weekend.

1. KISSING IN THE WIND. If you don’t have it, go download it. Next post will be that song, f’sho.

2. I forget how this happened. I was listening to Man in the Mirror a lot. I put on Beat It because it’s got EVH. Beyond that… Mist and Mystery.

3. HOME SWEET HOME/KICKSTART MY HEART. Man, if Crue made that as a 7” I would buy a million just to wing at people who were lame.

4. Okay, so sometimes I gotta listen to my own song to find the flaws in it. So sue me! you won’t. pussy.

5. Between an album of Hall & Oates covers and a song that salutes David Lee Roth, Bird and The Bee may be the most synthpoppy hipstery thing I listen to. But I forget if I already bestowed that title elsewhere. Eitherway, the girl is cute and the dude writes good tunez.

Can’t stop pluralizing with Z. Woof. And that’s the week.