My Top 5 Artists (Week Ending 2010-7-18)

  1. The Donnas (39)
  2. Hot Leg (16)
  3. Andrew W.K. (11)
  4. Van Halen (11)
  5. Pomplamoose (7)

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And here’s why:

1) So after getting hooked on their cover of Too Fast For Love, I figured I’d get involved with these incredibly foxy, incredibly fun ladies. Like usual, I found out about something cool like… ten years after everybody else. But man, Ramones + KISS and they’re all hot girls is such a winning combo I can’t believe its existed for so long.

2) Oh, come on. If you’ve been reading this blog long enough you know what’s keeping Hot Leg at the top of this list, and it’s my inability to not listen to Kissing in the Wind all the way through. For god’s sake, I made a music video of it. I’m sure I also listened to some other tracks by them this week (I make daily blood sacrifices to Justin Hawkins) but KitW is the big one.

3) I… totally forget why Andrew WK is on this list. I owe it to the fact that every once in a while when I want to get shit done I put on “I Get Wet” and listen to it start to finish. Same goes for “Back in Black.”

4) My ongoing love affair with David Lee Roth is evident here- I mean, the only Van Hagar song I’ll give a second glance to is Best of Both Worlds, and that’s mostly because I always get it confused with Two Heads Are Better Than One from the Bill & Ted Soundtrack.

5) These 7 plays come from this adorable duo’s cover of “Telephone” by Lady Gaga. I’ve made my feelings on Gaga known, pretty loudly- She’s doing a great job fooling everybody into thinking she’s unique while producers slave away to make sure she’s as commercially viable as inhumanly possible. But this arrangement of Telephone which keeps the melody and progression but ditches the shitty, Sub-Aguileran production values once again proves that she’s a talented songwriter trapped in production hell.

And that’s the week. Your mileage may vary, etc. However, I should note: My iPod hasn’t been scrobbling properly, so there are probably some important players missing from this list. I seem to recall listening to Airbourne and The Darkness quite a lot in the car on the way home, and they’re nowhere to be found. Curious!