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More on this guy in a second.

More on this guy in a second.

SON OF FUCK YEAH FRIDAYS (Shit yeah Saturday?)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sorry this has turned into a Fuck Yeah Saturday post, but I got caught up in Friday night stuff. Hope it still applies to your weekend!

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My Top 5 Artists (Week Ending 2010-6-6)

  1. Prince and the Revolution (14)
  2. AC/DC (12)
  3. Andrew W.K. (12)
  4. Van Halen (11)
  5. Alice Cooper (10)

Imported from Last.fm Tumblr by JoeLaz

COMMENTARY: Oh man, this makes this week look AWESOME. Definitely the best/truest last.fm reading so far. Sometimes I listen to one song until I start to go fucking nutso futso (Brand New Key) and these turn out a little skewed. But I can tell you now, if you were hanging out with me: This is what it would sound like.