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Campus has been completely overwhelmed with snow, and I couldn’t be happier. We haven’t had school all week and even if they don’t cancel on Thursday, I still don’t have any classes that day.

However, as a result law has disintegrated into madness and we hunt our own kind in a fevered fury. For this reason, all three of these pictures:

  1. Between the jacket and the post-apocalyptic setting, I’m basically Mad Max at this point.
  2. I watch The Thing almost every time that it snows because it is THE BEST WINTER MOVIE EVER.
  3. We’re about to watch The Empire Strikes Back for reasons that should be pretty obvious.

Keep warm.

I love the pseudo-retro movie poster thing that’s been happening lately, especially since they all turn out SO much better than some photoshopped bullshit that got slapped together in ten minutes. GOT to get one of these framed for my wall, wherever I live.

(Originally seen at io9 but made by the fine Travis Pitts of Zom-bot.com.)