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Everybody fucks up

Even Crush Object© David Bowie fucks up. In this version of Life On Mars? (one of my favorite songs of all time) The LET’S DANCE era Thin White Duke is accompanied by Stevie Ray Vaughan. It’s from a bootleg collection called “Dallas Moonlight.”

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Number Three: Justin Hawkins

Pertinent information about Justin Hawkins:

  • His Ebay username is “Turbogunhawk”
  • He wears jumpsuits, like that gorgeous number above.
  • He’s the former frontman of dearly departed favorite The Darkness and current frontman of Mod Delusion MUST LISTEN band Hot Leg.

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Some quick ones

  • So there’s a movie coming out about The Runaways, where my favorite lady in rock, Joan Jett, got her start. I’m excited to have a movie about the Runaways, but supremely…


It’s friday afternoon here at Mod Delusion headquarters, but get ready for super party time with The Darkness. I personally cannot listen to this song without busting out into…

SON OF FUCK YEAH FRIDAYS (Shit yeah Saturday?)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sorry this has turned into a Fuck Yeah Saturday post, but I got caught up in Friday night stuff. Hope it still applies to your weekend!

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